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Sage 50 Accounts is now Sage 50c

What's New in Sage 50c v23.1

With Sage 50c Accounts you get seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. Access your accounts data via Outlook and Excel wherever you are, post transactions from your iPhone and store backups automatically in the cloud.

  • New - Integration with Microsoft Outlook 365

    Sage 50c includes Sage Contact which enables you to view key customer and vendor details in Outlook. View the information you need to make decisions and answer queries without the need to leave Outlook e.g. outstanding balance, recent transactions, credit limit etc., all within the familiar environment of Outlook.
  • New - Sage Intelligence

    Sage Intelligence gives you the ability to take your financial management reports into Excel via Office 365 using Excel Online or Desktop Excel. Sage Intelligence provides out-of-the box Online and Excel-based financial management reports enabling you to start working with your key financial data in your preferred analytical tool immediately.
  • New - Sage Capture

    Sage Capture allows you to record transaction details such as expenses on your smart phone or tablet. You can then securely post these details into Sage50c along with a photo of your receipt.
  • New - Attach documents to transactions

    You can now scan, save and link documents to individual transactions in Sage 50c. These documents are securely held in the Cloud.
  • New - Automatic backups can be stored in the cloud

    Automatically check and back up your data to the cloud, without the need to stop working.
  • New - Email notifications on automatic backups

    Get email notifications on the status of your automatic backups.
  • More Information

    For more information visit Sage's article What is Sage 50c Accounts and how does it work?.
What's New in Sage 50 Accounts v23

As always, you'll still be able to make light work of your day-to-day accounts, but now you'll also be able to take advantage of the following new features.

  • New - Negative Values on Invoices

    You can now set items on an invoice to be negative. Then, when the invoice is updated to the ledgers, negative items will be posted as SC transactions.
  • New - Batch Invoice Entry allows payments to be entered at the same time

    The Batch Invoice dialogs now have additional columns for Amount Paid, Payment Date, Bank Account and Payment Reference.
  • New - Improved payment due dates

    You can now select from various new payment due options such as "days from the first day of the following month" or "days from 1 month after invoice date".
  • New - Improved transaction drill down

    You can now see full details when drilling down on transactions.
  • New - Support for Microsoft Office 64 Bit

    Previously only the 32 bit versions of Microsoft Office were supported.
  • New - Improved Help Centre

    It is now easier to see relevant help information based on which screen of Sage 50 you are working in.
  • New - Client Server Architecture
    Sage 50's new data service runs on the computer that holds your data to give vastly improved speed and reliability. The new architecture has been tested with over 20 concurrent users and over a million transactions.
  • New - Configureable User Interface
    A new user interface gives one click access to any ledger. A second click then takes you to all the major features of the software. A clever configuration mechanism allows the user to hide any ledgers or features that they never use.
  • New - Automatic Backups
    You can now schedule Backups and Data Checks to run automatically at predefined times. What is really clever is that the Users don't even have to log out for the Backup to run.
  • New - Access your data from anywhere
    Optionally, you can now store your Sage data in the Cloud. This will allow access by Home Workers, Branch Offices and even your Accountant. Sage are also introducing some new Mobile applications that will use your cloud based data.
  • New - Support for up to 20 concurrent users
    The new client server architecture means that Sage 50 will reliably support many more concurrent users. As a result the previously advertised limit of 10 users has been increased to 20 users.
  • New - Option to hide inactive Customers, Suppliers and Products
    You can now mark Customer, Supplier or Product records as inactive. This will prevent them from being used in new postings whilst still being able to view historical information if required. You also have the option to show or hide inactive records in the Customer, Supplier and Product lists.
  • New - Options for selecting multiple records
    You now have the option to switch to the Windows method of selecting multiple records using the Shift and Ctrl keys when clicking records.
  • New - Shortcut Keys
    If you prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse there are new keyboard shortcuts that can be used. To see what they are just press the Alt key.
  • New - Simplified Access Rights
    A new Access Rights dialog makes it easier to set up access rights for your users.
  • More Information
    For more information visit Sage's Sage 50 Roadmap.
  • System Requirements
    Sage 50's system requirements have changed. For more information visit Sage's System Requirements page.